Stock. St. at edge of sweater pattern?

Front: Cast on 25-25-30-35-40 sts with 1 strand brown Fox + 1 strand Vienna. P 1 row (wrong side) then knit rib until piece measures 8 cm. [B][SIZE=3]Change to stockinette st but keep the edge st at each side in garter st[/SIZE][/B] up to the armhole, and adjust (inc/dec if needed) to 25-27-30-35-39 sts on the 1st row after the rib.
When the piece measures 12-12-12-20-20 cm inc 1 st at each side. For Sizes S - M - L repeat inc when the piece measures 24 cm = 29-31-34-37-41 sts.

Does the bold part mean that I KNIT each stitch at the edges? Or does it mean I knit the purls and purl the knits at the edge?

It just means that you will knit each edge stitch every row. Keeps the edges from curling so badly when you are tryin to seam it up. Not to mention, it makes a wonderful seam allowance guide.

Yep, just knit each edge stitch every row.:knitting:

Garter stitch is knitting every row, so I’d say you knit one edge stitch at each end, on every row.

If you knitted the purls and purled the knits you’d be doing moss (seed) stitch.

WOW! That was fast!
THANK YOU for your help, I truly appreciate it. I’m knitting this pretty sweater using size 19 needles! AND it’s my first adult sweater. For me!