StitchMarkers - Do you use them? I just made my own!

Hi everyone!

I’m not the most experienced knitter and have been using safety pins as markers. Tonight, I decided that I was going to make some pretty markers to go on my pretty knitting (currently making Ripley from Knitty for DH and starting Sahara for myself tomorrow). I have a friend who is really in to bead work and she let me raid her stash.

I made these tonight, I’m so proud :cheering:

Those are so pretty! :smiley:

I keep meaning to make some myself; I have all the findings, I just can’t seem to find the time. :teehee:


:inlove: preeeeeety!


digs out bead stash

I use stitch markers when the pattern calls for them. I have some pretty fancy beaded ones that I bought at my LYS. While those are beautiful I find myself using the inexpensive little round ones that open up most of the time for my knitting.

Thanks everyone. I’m quite proud (my first ever beading attempt).

Quiltlady, I think I’m going to make ones that open with the claw-thing… not very technical, am I? :oops: Then maybe I can take the safety pins out of DH’s sweater!

great job! i got some very pretty beaded ones over the holidays and i’m currently using them on a shadow argyle to mark the pattern repeats. one thing you might find is that i like the shorter ones better than the longer ones. i managed to knit the longer ones into the rows as i was knitting, which wasn’t terrible, but i had to learn which side of the work the markers needed to be on to keep that from happening again.

I make my own stitch markers with beads and the little claw open earring thingy (see I’m just as technical) lol and they are fun and easy to use. I’ve even been known to mail out an order with a “dangly” still attached, which usually gets the response “oh you lost an earring?” :teehee:

Donna~!! :rofl:

I likey your pretty stitch markers~ We have had some posters on this website who bead and knit. They have made some lovely creations but I don’t remember names :oops:

Anyhoo… I ALWAYS use stitch markers… my little mind canNOT keep up counting the number of stitches I am doing + if I am knitting or purling. I like the little cheapy plastic ones just fine thought~!! :teehee: b/c I am know to be kind of hard on my property~~ IE my stuff gets lost, broken, dropped, smashed (and occasionally sat on)~!! so I am afraid to spend big$$$$ on it… but yours are just great~!! :eyebrow:

I almost never use them - just try and remember in my head - but when I can’t I just tie contrasting bits of wool in little loops around the needles


Those are lurrrvley.

They remind me of those little traffic light sweeties though :teehee: