I am seeking opinion on the best stitchionaries (if that is the correct term). I know that Vogue has a set of them. Anyone want to offer advice?

I have the Knit/Purl one, the cable one, and the knitting with color, and I love every one of them. If you just need to learn some new stitches, I’d say get the first one (Knit/Purl). All of the patterns are really nice and just use k or p stitches.

The Harmony Guides are just as good and much, much less expensive.

I’ve been wanting to get the Barbara Walker stitch books…

Have you looked at

I have the Vogue one. It’s very helpful! No complaints! I have had to seek other resources from time to time, but that’s probably true with any of them.

KnitPicks is having a sale on their books right now. I just got a book through them which was cheaper than buying it at my book store even with my members discount. I would check them out.

Any of the Barbara Walker books are very good ones.

My library has Stitchionary’s cable and Harmony’s cable books so I just check them out when I want cables. Between the 2, I think I like the stitcnionary one better. Harmony had more patterns in it, but not all of them have word and chart diagrams. and a few of the pictures in Harmony looked like part of the pattern stitch was cut off. Stitchionary has both word and charts.

I would check your library first, or even a local bookstore just so you can look thru them once to get a feel if you like one better then the other. THen order from Knitpicks when they have a 40% off sale.

Chris, thanks…sounds like an excellent resource. I also want something as a reference when I am not near a computer.

Great suggestion for the library. I just did that with Romantic Hand Knits by Annie Modsitt. I’m still debating if there are enough patterns in it (that I will knit) for me to purchase it. I also wanted to do that with Greetings From The Knit Cafe but someone never returned it!
Sounds like the Stitchonary books are probably what I will get.

Prints of the designs I like go into a notebook and I can carry a print of the design I am using at the time. But, I never turn down books or other reference material.

I have the Harmony Guides and LOVE them!

Oh hi - I have a bonny book I bought some years back. When I run into a quandry, this book is a gem:
“The Knitter’s Bible” Claire Crompton. Take a peek on Amazon:
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1]’s-Bible-Claire-Crompton/dp/0715317997/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1249608721&sr=1-1[/SIZE][/FONT]

copy and paste the link, Lass, unless you want to just key in the title in amazon.

I just found this today: It’s the Walker Treasury Project. Many of the Walker treasuries don’t have very big pics of the stitches, and they’ve started a blog to post larger pics and samples, which can be really useful. You have to have the books because they don’t give the patterns, just a pic. This could give you a pretty good idea of whether you want the books themselves, of course.