Stitching together squares afghan

I have a bunch of squares I’d like to join together to make into an afghan. How does one do this, or what it is even called to find a video for it? Every time I ask a friend who knits they give me the “I can’t believe you’re asking such a dumb question” look, so I apologize in advance for my own stupidity.

It may depend on what the edges are like on your squares, but you may find the mattress stitch useful. There is a video on this page if you scroll down to the finishing section. Mattress stitch will give you an invisible seam.

If you want the seam to show (maybe for decorative reasons), then you could use a back stitch or a whip stitch. I don’t have a link for either one of those, but you may have luck searching for them on youtube? I’ve found a boat load of good knitting videos there lately. :slight_smile:

Good luck. I’d love to hear what you decide to do.

I did a search googled , by typing “joining afghan squares” and several excellent sites came up, with excellent photos and instructions. Some were crochet, some knit, some sewing. Here is an example of the first site. [COLOR=#008000][B]joining[/B].html [/COLOR]
Hope it helps.

Given all the options that’re available, what kind of join do you want? Invisible, decorative, subtle, contrasting, or ???