Stitching only right

Hey everyone… I am hoping someone can help… I picked up a pattern today for a very cute sweater… My question is for the bottom part of the sleeves… it says to stich only right. I tried to ask the lady at the store how you do this… but she stitched contenitenal (which I don’t) and really fast. I asked her to slow down… but I didn’t get it all. She just put the loops back to the other needle, but how do you get your yarn to the other side without knitting it in? Thanks in advance…

I can’t visualize what the sweater must look like. Can you give us the name of the design & designer, so we can see it? And can you spell out the directions exactly as the patterns has them - that might help.

The only thing I can see in my mind is to cut the yarn, then go back and start the row over (easier to do on circular needles). I’ve seen some shaw patterns that do that, it creates fringe.

Hi, Tiggs! Good question.:shrug: I thought I knew what to do, but my idea didn’t pan out either. :lol: Over how many rows do you need to do this?

I had thought you could use a circular needle and slide the stitches to the other end (slipping the stitches back to the left hand needle works too) and then start with another ball of the same yarn back on the right side. That works, but you still end up with both the yarns at the wrong end. I was hoping I would have one at each end, but not so. If the lady in the store only showed you one row, maybe that is what she did, but it won’t work repeatedly. Well, it will, but you will have multiple ends (You could just as well cut the yarn after each row and do the next row with the same ball) to work in. If you don’t have too far to go that might be a workable solution, but if you have a lot of rows you would have a lot of ends. :sad:

Just an idea and maybe it won’t work for you at all for some reason, but knitting in the round you will always be working from the right to left, could you do the sleeve in the round to accomplish this? You would most likely need double pointed needles or two circulars or do a Magic Loop with only one long circular, even small circulars are usually too short to do a cuff.

I have the pattern number… but the pattern I have is in German… I have a question on the pattern board hoping someone can give it to me in English (downside of living in Germany). It is Gedifra 903. Here is a link the the sweater…

Or here is another one…

She only did a few stiches… but she didn’t cut it and start again… she was like… just do this… I might just go again and ask her… start the sweater in the store… haha… Thanks girls for trying… maybe seeing it can help?

Here is my attempt of a translation of the pattern… Altavista couldn’t get all the words… sorry so long…
Damenjacket, size 38/40. The deviating data for size 34/36 stand for Clammy ones before that, for size 38/40 and 42/44 before and/or after the diagonal stroke in that Clammy ones sting only one number, apply these to all sizes.

Material: Gedifra Moos (50% Polyacryl, 27% Kid Mohair, 22% Polymid, 1% Elasthan, lauflaenge approx. 145m/50g), 250 (300-350g) in red-brown meliert Fb 7112. Prym Stricknadeln NR. 5-6 and a pushbutton.

Smoothly right: Hinr right M, back left M.
Smoothly left: Hinr left, back right M

Mesh sample: With doppeltern thread smoothly left: 11 M and 19 R; with simple thread smoothly right: 13-14 M and 22 R - 10x10 cm.

Guidance Ruekenteil: 40 fasten (44/48)M with doppeltern thread and to 1 back right M, then smoothly left knit. In 11 cm height further with simple thread smoothly on the right of STR, in the 1. R distributes 8(10/11) M increases = 48 (54/59) M. For the side diagonals reciprocally after 10 R 1x 1 M and in each 6. R 4x 1 M increase = 58 (64/69) M

In 29 cm height for the arm cutouts reciprocally in each 2. R 1x 3 and 2x 1 M chain = 48 (54/59)M. in 43 (45/47) cm height for the neck cutout the middle 12 (12/13) M straight, reciprocally of it in each 2. R 1x 4 and 1x 2 M chain. In 46 (48/50) cm height the remaining 12 (15/17) school term straight chain.

Left front part: 23 (25/27) M with double thread fasten and to 1 back right M, then smoothly left knit. In 11 cm height further with simple thread smoothly on the right of STR, in the 1. R distributes 5 (6/6)M increase = 28 knit (31/33)M. thereby at the right edge the side diagonal and the arm cutout as with the back. In 37 (39*41) cm height for the neck cutout at the left edge 1x4 M then in each 2. R 4x2 and 4x1 M chain. In 46 (48/50) cm height the remaining 12 (15/17) school term straight chain.

Right front part: Gegengleich STR.

Sleeve: 26 (28/31) M with doppeltern thread fasten and to 1 back right M. then smoothly left knit. In 13 cm height further with einfachern thread smoothly on the right of STR, in the 2. R distributes 6 M increases = 32 (34/37) M. thereby for the sleeve diagonals reciprocally in each 10. R 6x1 (4x1/1x1) M, in more jader 8. R 1x 1 (2x1/7x1) M increase = 46 (50/57)m. in 47 cm height for the arm ball reciprocally 1x 3m, then in each 2. R1x2, 10 x 1, 1 x 2 and 1 x 3 M, then the remaining 6 (10/17) M straight chain. Overall height = 60 cm the 2. Sleeves likewise knit.

Elaboration: The parts stretch and under damp cloths drying leave. All seams close, which insert sleeves for the standing collar from the neck cutout with doppeltern thread 58 M take up and 1 Rueckr right M abketten, dan smoothly on the left of STR in 5 cm collar height the M.

Sometimes the translations into another language become a bit wonky and you have to be a little intuitive with them.

You might want to consider posting with a thread title directed at German speakers and include the instructions in German that contain that phrase.

Also, if you’re on any Yahoo groups, you could try a similar post there and ask for a translation; a lot of the groups have worldwide members (especially the shawl knitters, it seems!) and they’re usually very helpful.

From my limited knowledge of German knitting language, they use “Recht” for the knit stitch and “Links” for purling. So I think that when it says “nur Recht” it means to use just the Knit stitch.

Does that make sense in your situation?

That’s generally true, but I think unless you see it in context in the original pattern it’s hard to tell exactly what it’s supposed to be, since rechte and linke variations are often put into a phrase that might read a little differently then.

OK, now that I’ve stared at this in German mind mode, I think it’s this for the sleeve: With 2 strands, CO 26, K1, purl across and begin reverse stockinette (RS P, WS K) for ~ 5 inches, ending with a RS row. Then continue in Stockinette (starting with K row) with one strand, and begin your increases as instructed. It looks like the increases are on the WS?