A friend and I are escaping to Stitches this weekend in Chicago. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for “have to have” sock yarn. I have just finished my first pair of socks and have started on the second. Just cannot seem to get enough! :slight_smile:

Malabrigo Sock is just incredible-- very, very soft and well spun, so that it’s easy to work with. The colors I’ve used are very rich and deep. It’s great!

Black Bunny Fibers’ Superwash Merino Classic is also fantastic. Soft and tightly spun.

Heather by Schaefer yarns is also in the soft-and-tightly-spun category.

One thing I’ve found with boutique and hand-dyed yarns, is that they might be soft, but the spin is too fine or loose so that the finished garment just isn’t that nice, or it’s hard to work with. There are also a lot of fun self-striping yarns, but I’ve never found one as soft as the above 3.

Casbah, by Handmaiden. Gorgeous colorways, and sooooo soft and yummy. I love the fact that it’s merino with a bit of cashmere but is still machine washable!

Last year at Stitches East I picked up some Maizy by Crystal Palace, which is a corn-based sock yarn. Also soft and lots of fun to tell people your socks are made from corn. :wink:

Have fun at Stitches. Are you taking any classes or just going to the Market?