I am new to knitting and to this site. My daughter and I have just recently started knitting. My question is: my pattern called for me to cast on 34 stitches and now after a few rows I have 39. How did that happen? What can I do about it?

dont worry this a common problem with new knitters. At the top of this forum you will see a thread dedicated to extra mystery stitches. It normally happens when you are first starting out because you are either accidently wrapping the yarn around the needle then knitting into it thinking it is a stitch or because you are inserting the needle into the wrong pattern of the stitch and creating extra loops. Dont worry with a bit of practice the problem goes away

Yes, extra stitches are common for new knitters. There can be many reasons, but often it’s because you forgot to move the yarn back between the needles to knit after doing a purl. Check the thread in the sticky list at the top of the forum list to see if you can figure it out. You can also post a picture of the problem. See the link in my signature or at the top of the forum in What’cha Knittin’ about how to post photos.

Thank you for your help, I’ll check the mystery stitches out and the sticky list. See what I can figure out. Thank you again.

I’ve been knitting for awhile, and still get ‘freeloaders’ from time to time (mystery stitches)… especially late at night… after I’ve been drinking… a little… just a tiny… hicc’cup bit… :knitting: :knitting: :mrgreen:

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey All,
Mystery stitches have their merits. I was in (almost-casted on 22 and lost stitches!) the same situation as you were dlsknitter. I now realised that I was purling wrongly, not passing the yarn ‘inside’ the needles between knit and purl along with other quite major problems. I then realised the needles were too big (changed them) then too small (got annoyed at the confusion),treated myself to some new needles :hug::inlove:, and now my first lace project looks like how I had dreamed it would be (still in working progress) with correct needle size, with the correct and easier way of doing purl and knit stitch cloud9.
So, dont worry about your extra stitches -moan on here more until these genius knitters find ways to improve your knitting. Then you will be a better knitter and feel more confident to tackle harder projects.

Tip: Put a pattern on the forum, translate it into newbie speak/english, provide direct-from-pattern row stitch total to check calculation/pattern and your interpretation match. Then check your knitting to see if it matches. If it does -put a lifeline in (see the video on this site regarding lifelines/row markers). Then if you find a problem, you can undo a row, without risking all your work!

Good luck!