Please, Please can anyone HELP me I am a fairly new knitter and after making several jumpers, hats and scarves I know feel i am ready to try an actual graph pattern but i doesnt seem to be working so any one that can help me i would be ever so greatful

What does yarn(yrn) on wrong side mean?
How do I do this?

Please help me I have tried doing this nearly a 100 times.

Thankyou :?? [/u][/b]

What is confusing…the wrong side part or the yrn part? It would be helpful to see how it is used in the pattern. I haven’t see a yrn abbreviation before…could it be YO (yarn over) ?

I’m not sure either, but I think it might mean to hold the yarn to the wrong side?? :thinking:

I think it’s a yo, too. Wouldn’t any yo mean the yarn is on the “wrong” side?

thankyou for getting back to me.
The abbreviation is yrn on wrong side so you must be right about the yo
I have actually tried the yo but the pattern doesnt seem to stand out like the picture I really don’t know what i am doing wrong.

Thanks :XX:

Sometimes when you’re doing a yo between a knit and a purl, the yo gets kind of wrapped around the needle. When you go back on the other side, you have to sort of bring it down with your thumb around the needle in order to knit into the actual yo and the stitch after it.

I know this is clear as mud, but that’s one explanation why it may not be working.

It could be, too, that the pattern doesn’t really ‘show up’ for a while. Is it something that will need to be blocked aggresively, like lace?