I keep getting loose yarn between my needles when knitting…how can i prevent this from happening?

sometimes i have to give a little tug, not too hard, between stitches to keep them uniform :thumbsup:

I do give it a little tug after, but after about 15 stitches, i have about an inch of yarn inbetween my needles

If this is happening on your first row, you should try a different cast on. Often backward loop leaves gaps. Try one of the other ones.

Also if you are using large needles, the gap might be normal. What size needles and yarn are you using.

That happened to me when I first started learning too. What I learned is that to keep your needles close together and loose, and then just keep going. Once you do a few rows, it will even out. I still have a loose cast on row (the first row I knit after casting on).


You should try a different cast-on, too. Your first row shouldn’t be loose.

I’m using size 8 needles and im not sure about the yarn…it was just some yarn that we had in the craft room that we normally dont use, I’m just using it to practice

Also, I don’t know if this will help, but I’m using the double cast on

I would suggest that you just keep knitting. Don’t worry that it’s not perfect at first. The more you knit the more even your stitches become. Your first knitting doesn’t have to be a project, per se. Just practice.

Thanks to everybody! you’ve all helped me alot