Stitches won't fit onto needles

I’m working on a Cresent shawl that uses short row shaping, I am using circular needles for this. So, several stitches at the very edges of the work haven’t been pushed onto the needle, just stayed on the cable. Now there is a section of stitches on both sides that have shrunk to the size of the cable, and won’t stretch enough for me to slide them on the needle.

At this point it’s just annoying because I’m not going to be working them for a while, but I’m worried about what will happen when I do reach that point. Will the stitches just naturally stretch back out as I get closer? Or is there a way for me to stretch them now? I’ve tried threading a small needle through and stretch them that way, but it didn’t seem to work. Any advice?

If relevant, I’m using Xie 100% bamboo yarn, on size 4 needles.

You should be able to get them onto the needle when you come to them. As long as these sts had the yarn loop originally made on the barrel of the needle (in other words sufficient yarn in the loop or stitch) you should be able to recover them. I’ve seen this with sts that were held on scrap yarn which has all but disappeared into the knit fabric as the original loop got smaller.
That said, bamboo isn’t very stretchy so you may need to work at sliding the sts up the slope at the cable join.

Hi as salmonmac said don’t worry.

Basically knitting is a series of loops connected to other loops we have knitted before. When you do a row of knitting you have used a certain length of yarn which will be determined by an unknown formula because it will be dependant on your tension, but basically is N x (S x Pi) + N X (T-1) when N = number of stitches, S is the size or diameter of your needles and T is the length of yarn in between stitches, which as I said is dependant on your tension. Pi is an irrational number close to 22/7 or 3.14 to 2 decimal places. It is T-1 because the last stitch is the finish of the row.

When you make your stitch you cannot make it smaller than the needle and with all the other stitches in the row and using circulars (which I use exclusively) some stitches will seem to be too small but they are not.