Stitches West

I was just over on Jordana Paige’s website gushing over how much i love my girly girl messenger bag and I noticed that in her blog she has a $2 off coupon for stitches west. her website, if you don’t have it is i don’t know how readily available those coupons are or how expensive it is to get in but i thought i would pass it on to those of you westerners that can make it! :thumbsup:

I would :heart: to go to one of these things. Unfoortunatly I can’t go away unless my boy is at grandmas or something (3 hours away) and he has a school break. :crying:

Is he old enough to go with you? I am thinking of dragging my 13 year old with me to get some exposure to some of mom’s hobbies.

I’m going! Robin is coming too! Kathy might be coming too!
we’re not taking classes. we’ll just shop, like we did last year.
not every day we have a knitting convention literally only 5 min from my house! :smiley: