Stitches West


I have seen several mentions of Stitches East and just noticed something for Stitches West…and see it’s actually going to be a half hour from me. What exactly is this event? I tried to download the brochure off the website but I couldn’t get it to work. Can some give me a few details??


If you google Stitches you will find info on it. I was looking at checking it out, too. Looks like a massive knitting expo where you can shop for yarn and they have lots of workshops/classes (though most are sold out) I am only 60-90 mins away, I think I might come down and check out the marketplace one day. It’s 25 dollars in advance, 35 at the door for that.

Stitches is like a ginormous yarn store in a convention center. During the entire event, there are shows, classes (some with famous knitwear designers), etc.

If you don’t want to do the classes, you can go to the Market for less than $10 a day. You can order your ticket online and get a discount too.

The Market can be a bit overwhelming. It helps to make a list of specific things you’re looking for, instead of trying to window shop and then buy. My only goal was to get my grubby little hands on Socks that Rock and Lisa Souza yarns, so I beelined to those booths.

Also, you might want to take cash and leave the credit cards at home to limit how much you buy. Otherwise you’ll come home with a lot more than you intended to buy. I speak from experience on that one. :teehee:

you can take classes (most of which are already full, they filled up fast).

the Santa Clara Convention Center will be full of vendors selling yarn and yarn-related things. admission tickets are $8 for 1 day, $12 for 2 days, or $16 for 3 days.

less than 5 minutes away literally around the corner from my house, 3rd year in a row, I’m so there. but yeah I tend to overspend there :doh: .

Oh love that explanation!

From the replies it looks like my best bet is to start at the market place this year. I will check on the website, sounds like purchasing tickets online is the best way to go. Then next year I will already know about it early enough to go for the whole weekend!

If anyone else has more to add, please do! :cheering:

definitely buy online. it lets you skip that line at the ticket stand, so you can go straight to the market entrance! :inlove:

My 9 year old daughter is asking if she can go to the Market Place with me, do you think that it’s appropriate for her age? I didn’t see any age restrictions on the website. At the stamp convention I used to attend, they had to be a certain age to get in. Plus it might be kind of overwhelming for her, but she does like to knit and look at the yarn.

Probably depends on if you reeeeally want your 9 year old lookin’ at all that YARN P*RN! :shock:



She loves to go to the LYS and look at the yarn there, it’s like her candy store! Between her and I we could really get some points on our Rewards Credit Card!!! And the month of Jan, Feb. and March are double rewards…oh soooo tempting! :woohoo:

I went to the last Stitches Midwest since it was right outside Chicago. It is overwhelming. And I was on a date, so it was doubly overwhelming. But everyone was so impressed that I got a non-knitting guy to come; I got so many bravos.

I was flat broke, end of summer is the absolute brokest time of the year for me, so I got only 2 hanks of yarn, and 1 my date bought for me.

I didn’t take any classes as they’re kinda expensive, but I might this year. I bet most of them are worth the cost, if you have it to spend.

Ugghh!! I used to work about 20 minutes away from the convention center!!! But I didn’t knit when I lived in California. Maybe next year (if they have it in the same place or close by) I could fly down there and check it out.

I’m going this year! I missed it last year, visiting my parents. I am going to take a spinning class. Can’t wait!