Stitches West 2010!

Here I come!!! I can’t wait!!! :knitting: I’m lucky it’s only 15 minutes away! :woot: I’m always late to register for the classes.

That’s the one at the Santa Clara Conv center, right? I’m thinking about going. There was a coupon in the Mercury over the weekend. I cut it out, but can’t recall whether it was in the Sat or Sun paper.

Is it a big show? I’ve never been to it.

Yes! It is definitely big! Last time I went was in Oakland, CA and that was a few years ago. I’m sure it has grown alot since then. I’m trying to get a group of my friends going. It is definitely worth checking out! The dates are: Feb. 25-28.

Good to know. Thanks

I’m going tomorrow. Have my shopping list made up and I hope that I can stick to it! I usually end up buying much more that I plan. Can’t wait!!:woohoo:

[B]DATES FOR THE 2011 STITCHES WEST: [/B] [COLOR=Blue]Feb 24-27, 2011 in Santa Clara California![/COLOR]

I went over the weekend. I had lots fun. Although, I experienced yarn overload. Just too much to look at.

Some fun stuff that stood out. Yarn from musk ox & from yak. Both lovely. Like a cross between alpaca & cashmere. Outside my price range-but ooh so nice. Maybe someday.

A poly yarn called cocoon. Think elongated pompoms on a yarn fiber. You knit the yarn part only & it causes the pompoms to stack side by side. Interesting for a quick puffy throw.

I’m not a spinner. But there were wheels & looms. Several vendors had roving to spin in varieties of different wool breeds & silk/wool blends.

Saw a demo on tunician knitting. I was given a hook for this a while back. But have never tried it. So learned something new.

Bought a ball winder & 9" circular sock needles. Those will either be a love them or hate them item.