Stitches uneven after decreasing?

I’ve been doing the decreasing on my hat, and its all been working out fairly well, until I switched it to dpns. I noticed that 3 of the dpns have 14 stitches, while one has only 13. I counted and re-counted, and searched multiple times for a dropped stitch, and I cant find one anywhere. Im simply baffled by it, so I was wondering, can I keep going and just skip a decrease on that dpn to make the stitiches even? Will it still decrease right if I do that?

I am pretty much still a novice, but I don’t think it matters how many stitches are on the DPN necessarily. I would think you would be fine, but you might want to wait for a more expert opinion,

Did you actually lose a stitch? or is there really supposed to be an odd number of stitches. It doesn’t matter how many stitches are on each needle. While you are doing decreases the number of stitches changes constantly and you will not usually have the same number of stitches on each needle all the time.

Thanks guys. I somehow lost a stitch, but I just kept going and didnt decrease at the end of that dpn, and it turned out fine. I think somewhere I must have decreased too many times. Its a pretty hat now!