Stitches too tight!

I’m new and my stitches are far too tight. I haven’t made anything that requires tension/gauge test, but I can tell that it’s too tight, because its sometimes VERY difficult to insert the needle. I’m making sure that I insert the needle all the way to the diameter of the needle, but they are still too tight
What can I do, aside from just practicing?

If you’re giving your stitches a little tug after each one, don’t. It’s a common mistake that people make when they start out. Let the needles and yarn determine your tension–don’t pull at the stitch once it’s gone from one needle to the other.

Another possibility is that you’re accidentally twisting your stitches. Make sure you go through the part of the loop that’s on the front of the needle, closest to you. For knit go from left to right throught the front loop and for purl, from left to right.

Have you checked out the videos?

Yeah, I’ve watched the videos repeatedly, especially while I’m actually knitting, so I can follow exactly what’s going on. I’ve even been trying to make a conscious effort to allow the yarn to pull through, but it doesn’t seem to help.
Would how I hold the yarn make a difference, because I’m finding that incredibly difficult? I’m a crocheter and its hard to get away from my grip and get used to something new. How do you hold your yarn?

I knit English style, with the yarn in my right hand. Crocheters often take to Continental knitting because the yarn is in the left hand.

What style have you started with?

The first time I tried I just followed the instructions, which were English. But this time, after I found this website, I tried the continental and it is significantly easier. But I’m still having problems.

It could just be a matter of relaxing and practicing. Try to just let the yarn flow through your fingers and through the needles.

I know. It took a long time to master crochet and I have to remember that…but really it seems like crochet was easier for me. Maybe I just have a positively selective memory.
Thanks so much for the encouragement!

Try casting on to two needles held together, then slip one of them out. Starting out with a looser stitch may help you get the feel of how the stitches should be.

That’s brilliant! I’ve only cast on with this sweater so I’ll take them off and start again. I’ll let you know how that work for me. It’ll probably make it easier to slip off the stitches as I go, too.
Thanks again.