Stitches slipping off DPNs

Hello All-
I am working on a water bottle holder using DPNs (my first). The bottom of the holder is done in all knit, and I did not have any problem with that. The body of the holder is another story. Stitched up in YO, P2Tog or K2tog, YO, I am finding it impossible to keep the stitches from slipping off the end of the needle. The YO stitches are impossible to pick up after falling off. :sad:
I decided to put this project (described as easy by the designer) aside until I can as my more experienced comrades for advice. :wink:
Any suggestions?

I put a point protector on the ends. :wink:

You might try bamboo or other wood dpns if you’re not already using them- they’re a little less slippery.

As for picking up YO’s- it’s basically just the bar between the stitches. Use your right needle and pick up the bar from the back. Voila- YO. :slight_smile:

You may want to switch to a circular and use magic loop. No ends for sts to fall off of.

Here’s a brilliant idea someone on Ravelry posted (would give credit if I could remember who… ). Take one of those fat rubberbands they put on fresh broccoli, cut it into small pieces and stab your tips through them. It’s relatively easy to remove and replace them as you knit around, and you can even mark one of them with a number 1 to keep track of needle #one.

Hope this helps,

Great ideas! I knew I could count on you!

If you have your stitches on 3 needles and knitting with the fourth, try putting your stitches on four needles and knitting with the fifth. More of a box than a triangle shape. This creates less pulling at the corners and with fewer stitches on each needle it may be easier not to lose those pesky yarnovers. Also you may want to move the stitches around after each round so that you don’t start or end with a yarnover. As long as you have the beginning of the round marked, you can move the stitches around. I do this with socks all the time. When stitch location matters, for the heel or toe or perhaps the placement of a handle on a purse or holder, I make sure that the stitches are together where they need to be.