Stitches seem tight & slipping off needle

Hi. I am trying to learn to do the knit stitch. I am using size 10 needles. After casting on I have several issues with the knit stitch. 1) I think my cast on is too tight b/c it is hard to get the right needle through 2) when I am completing the stitch and move it from the left needle to the right needle it either seems too loose or completely slides off the right needle when I go to get the next stitch…I don’t know if this makes sense and with practice it will get better. Suggestions are welcome! Thanks

I, too have trouble with my cast on (CO) being too tight and thereby making it extremely difficult to get that right needle through to do a stitch. Practice will help. In the meantime, you can hold two needles together and CO as thought they were ONE needle. When you have CO the # of sts you need, just slide one of the needles out and away you go.

As for the stitches you move to your right needle being too loose, just make sure to pull the yarn taut after each stitch. Again, practice will make more perfect.

Welcome to knitting! I wish you much enjoyment in what will probably become an addiction for you and I wish you much success in your knitting.

Just don’t pull the yarn too tight, or you won’t be able to get your needle into the stitch on the next row.

Getting even tension takes practice. Just concentrate on doing the stitches correctly in the beginning, the tension will come as you gain experience.