Stitches left on back

I’m knitting the Walk in the Park Cardi from ravelry. This is my first cardigan. The directions say to leave 32 stitches on a holder on the back. The rest of the directions do not mention what to do with these stitches. Please help. Thanks.
Rep last 2 rows (K2. P2) ribbing until work from beg measures 2” [5 cm], ending on a 2nd row.
Next row: (RS). Knit, inc 0 (0-2-2-3-3) sts evenly across. 62 (62-68-68-77-77) sts.
Change to pair of larger needles.
Work Chart II in stocking st to end of chart, reading RS rows from right to left and WS rows from left to right, noting 15-st rep will be worked 4 (4-4-4-5-5) times. Break A.
Chart II is shown on page 4.
With MC, proceed in stocking st, inc 1 st at each end of next and every 6th (6th- 6th-4th-4th-4th) row to 72 (78-82-90- 97-103) sts.
Cont even in stocking st until work from beg measures 7” [18 cm], ending on a purl row.
Shape top: Cast off 2 (3-3-4-5-5) sts beg next 2 rows. 68 (72-76-82-87-93) sts.
1st row: (RS). K1. K2tog. Knit to last 3 sts. ssk. K1.
2nd row: Purl.
Rep last 2 rows to 18 (20-24-26-27-29) sts. Cast off.
Pin garment pieces to measurements. Cover with a damp cloth, leaving cloth to dry. Sew shoulder seams.
Button and Buttonhole Band: With A and smaller needles, cast on 7 sts.
1st row: (RS). K2. (P1. K1) twice. K1.
2nd row: K1. (P1. K1) 3 times.
Rep last 2 rows until Band, when slightly stretched, measures length to fit up Left Front, sewing in place as you knit, and changing to MC to correspond to color change in Cardigan. Place markers on band for 6 buttons, having bottom button 1⁄2” [1 cm] above cast on edge, top button 1⁄2” [1 cm] below first front dec and rem 4 buttons spaced evenly between.
Cont in ribbing to fit up neck edge, across back neck edge and down opposite neck edge to first button marker.
Make buttonholes as follows:
1st row: (RS). Rib 3 sts. Cast off 2 sts. Rib 2 sts.
2nd row: Rib, casting on 2 sts over cast off sts.
Cont in ribbing to end of Right Front, being sure to change to A to correspond to color change in Cardigan. Cast off in ribbing.
Sew sleeve seams. Sew in Sleeves. Sew buttons to correspond to buttonholes.

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It looks like a mistake in the pattern. Those 32sts should be bound off.
The button band is knit separately and sewn to the sweater left front and the back approximately as you knit. It continues across the back and when you get to the right front you place buttonholes. In order to attach this band at the back neck, it should be sewn to a cast off edge.

You could conceivably attach the band to live sts at the back neck but because the band is sewn to the front edges, it seems that it would be a neater join if it’s sewn across the back too.

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That’s what I was thinking too. I will cast off these stitches to join to band. Thank you so much!

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