Stitches falling!

When I am knitting socks with DPs and I get to the toe, the knitting of course gets tighter and closer and I always end up with some stitches being dropped because a needle slides out!! :crying: It’s so exasperating–it happened to me several times this morning! I can never just pick them right back up and get them on the needle before they’ve dropped down a row or two. Somehow, I think I’m doing something wrong :thinking: …or do any of you have this same thing happening? :oops: Or do you think it’s the pattern I use? I haven’t gotten any circulars in that size, so I can’t try the circ. method!! :crying: I love watching the sock forming and everything about the whole sock-knitting thing, but this one thing gets me!! :help:

That problem is why I bought small circs. I am NOT in the DPN fan club. :frowning:

I’ve read that the slipping is why so many sock knitters like bamboo needles. Less slippery.

One suggestion for dropping stitch on dpns - put a small point protector on the ends of all needles not in use, and whenever you have to put down your work. I’ve done this when I’ve been knitting hats and necklines of sweaters in the round and it can really help. Then you only have to deal with the stitch you’re currently knitting. I’ve had aluminum needles fall out a few times and it’s Really frustrating :doh: :doh:

Good luck :thumbsup:


Thanks everyone–I guess I’ll have to get point protecters or something–and use them!! It’s really frustrating to see that aluminum needle fall out! :crying:

I read somewhere around here or there that a good temporary, available point protector is balled up aluminum foil. Just squish a piece on the ends of your needles when you need to turn your back on them.

Hi Ellen!

That was happening to me too, but as Ingrid so correctly suggested, bamboo has totally solved it for me. And it’s easier than having to use point protectors too, IMHO :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Hi KK!

Do you mean that with circs, you don’t have to use DPN’s at all?

Well…yeah. Especially if you learn small-diameter circular knitting methods Amy has videos… toward the top of the page.

Just my 2 cents here–I never use dpns anymore either. Two circs for me. Magic loop is another option that people love.