Stitches Expo 2006 (Midwest)

I just got my flyer for Stitches Midwest - Aug 10-13 in Rosemont, IL. Has anyone ever attended any of these classes or the expo? It looks awesome! I think the website for info is:

i got mine yesterday too and i don’t think i can goooooooo! :verysad: I have convention the following weekend and i think i will have to be there all weekend long. not sure i can do both weekends and i really have to go to the convention or i will be sorta outta the water for the 2008 election cycle…sniff but the stitches event will be so much more fun!!!

whine whine whine…

I know! I was so excited about going, but I’ll already have moved to Virginia by then. So I’ll spend that weekend pouting…Well, maybe not the entire time, that’s just before my anniversary. :eyebrow:

If you hadn’t added that last part, Vendie, I was going to say we could maybe try to plan a KHer get together that weekend, since I know I’ve got no chance of getting all the way out there for a weekend. :stuck_out_tongue:

:XX: Here is a link to the class schedule:

Vendie – where is VA are you moving? I have relatives in VA (Dale City) and surrounding areas, and I also have relatives in West VA. I’ve not been online much lately, so I’ve missed your posts about moving – please fill me in on your details!

Brendajos - Bummer! As I’ll just be getting back from a 2 week vacation, it will be hard to ask for another day off, but…:smiley: I’d love to stay in a hotel and do a couple of days of classes and shopping, but that would be a pretty big expenditure following vacation :-(. I’m attempting to strong arm my SIL to attend with me :slight_smile:

I went to the Market only last year. No classes. I think I will do a class or two this year though (I was brand spankin new at knitting last time around and I was overwhelmed).

Got the brochure today and I will be perusing at work tonight :thumbsup: Did you see Sally Melville’s going to be there?!?! :cheering:

I got the flyer too…I’ve never been, but I’m thinking about going this summer.

yay kempy!!!

I’m definitly going this year! What classes are you interested in Holly?

I absolutely love classes, but Ohio is just too far away for me :frowning: . I may be able to swing CA in February, though. And is that our own Joan (Schroader) who’s one of the instructors?

But it’s not in ohio it’s in illinois!!

Well we should at least plan a KHer get together at some point this summer.

Oh and Cate - you’ll be in school, but Stitches East will be in Baltimore in November!!! I think you should skip class and go with me!

Holly - I took a new job (same company, so it’s really like a transfer) in Manassas, VA, near DC. I’ll be moving out there late May/early June. Very exciting!

Depending on when in November, I could do it. Heck, I take weekend trips home to Annapolis all the time anyway. Baltimore is a whole half hour closer. :roflhard: Do you know how far from DC Manassas is, Vendie? You might be even closer than I thought.
I suppose I could use the internets and go look it up. Lazy, lazy Cate.

:rofling: :rofling: she said “internets” :rofling: :rofling:


I frequently say internets. Occasionally, I say intarwebs. I thought that one might be a little too much for you guys. It’s funny when I actually SAY internets, though. People look at me funny, but don’t say anything, like they’re not sure if they heard me correctly. :rofling:

THIS is why i giggled…

“I hear there’s rumors on the Internets that we’re going to have a draft.” —second presidential debate, St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 8, 2004

oooo I thought it was a bushism!

Err, I didn’t get it from that. I got it from scary intarweb subculture.

Manassas is about 45 minutes (in light traffice) from DC, I think? I’m not completely sure, I haven’t made the trip yet.

Stitches East is from Nov 2-5th. Oooh, Cate, go with me go with me!!! Kaffe Fassett’s going to be there!!

Finals are two weeks after that (I think), so that’s not cramming time…Sure, I’ll go! And I mapquested…the distance between Annapolis and Manassas is ~70 miles or an hour and 25 minutes.