Stitches East Market Place?

I can’t afford, and don’t think I would physically be able to keep up with everything to benefit from Stitches East and haven’t even considered attending. But I was looking at the website and got to thinking that going to the Market might make a good day trip for me and my knitting friend Julie.

Is the Market open to the public without full registration?
Would it be worth a 1 - 1 1/2 hour drive for us to get there?

I’m going!! you can pay at the door for the market if you aren’t attending classes. the market is open for non-registered people on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. my packet doesn’t have the market fee listed but I think it was $10 or so.

this will be my first time going- Mom and I are going to go to listen to Brandon Mably and Kaffe Fassett, then shop!

I’ve heard there are a lot of great vendors that will be there.

We are driving about an hour! SInce we are doing a Thurs-Fri we are staying the nite at a local hotel so we dont have to go back and forth. I’m so excited!

Thanks! That sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll have to talk to my husband and my friend to see if either of them are interested in going. :slight_smile:

Go! - Absolutely Go! I went down for just the day last year, and it takes me around 2 - 2.5 hours to get to Baltimore. It was worth it. There were just so many beautiful, inspiring things - and then the yarn - oh the yarn!

This year I decided to take a few classes too - and stay over in the area. I can’t wait!:cheering:

And I think I just registered online last year - you can pay a small fee just for the Market, and there are Market Sessions too, for about $30 for a hour long session, if you have any interest in that. If I remember right, the fee for the Market was around $5.

whats the website?

Here it is!

You definitely won’t be disappointed! I went last year for a market session on fixing problems and loved the deals I got yarn shopping!

I’m going! I’ll be there for the Yarn Market on that Friday, the 12th. I went by myself last year and had a blast. Just being in one place with so much stuff to see, feel and drool over. :slight_smile: And since I live in Baltimore County near the subway, it’s easy for me to get to, like 45 minutes.

Yay!! maybe I’ll see one of you there… I’ll be the crazy lady waving her credit card around buying everything in sight… LOL!

I’m so excited! I don’t have anyone here in “my world” who knits, crochets,etc.—so they don’t really understand my feeling about this event.
And I would love to see any of you there.:aww:

I don’t think that will make you stand out from the crowd! :mrgreen:

If I get to go, I’ll let you know. Maybe we can meet up for lunch or something.

I am a photographer - just getting my business started - and my income isn’t steady, yet. So it’s hard for me to make larger purchases at the spur of the moment. But it’s looking good now for having a little extra money for going and enjoying. And if I convince myself that I’ll be buying yarn for Christmas gifts, maybe I can justify it. :roll: :mrgreen:

:teehee: you’re probably right!!! I have a kh button that Chel made me that I’ll put on my purse- and I’ll think of something else identifying when the day get closer.

Mary I have my KH button too! And I agree that waving your card will not make you noticeable. Sorry!

I just got a $2 discount coupon “for a friend” for the market. I’ll mail it to the first pm w/ addy for someone who is going! $2 off the general market admission fee. :slight_smile:

Holly- I’ll be looking at every woman’s purse and knitting bag for a button. :slight_smile:

I’m going to, no classes, just to the Market! :cheering: I’m in Baltimore County so it’s an easy 30 minute drive or I may take the light rail. If I get DH to drop me off & pick me up, he can use the car all day, rather then me leaving it in a parking garage for $15/day. I’m just worried about dealing with bags and bags of yarn on the light rail ride home!! I was thinking of taking off Friday and going then, but now it’s looking like that’s impossible so it’ll probably be Sunday.

I’ll be there Sunday too! And Saturday … no button, and I’ll be waving the credit card too, but since that’s not terribly noticeable … :teehee:
As for the many bags of yarn, my neighbor (who will be there too since we’re sharing hotel costs) had a great suggestion. Get one of those shopping bag carts.

:oo: but then I might feel the need to fill it …

Last year, while I waited for the market to open, I had the event brochure and went through marking the vendors I wanted to go to. "Ok, Blue Moon is at booth ***, go there first, etc."
Well, I just found the brochure for next week on the KnittingUniverse site (it’s a pdf). I’m all set, watch out!:woot:
And they are going to be in Baltimore again [U]next[/U] year…in November!