Stitches East, E.Hartford, CT tommorrow?

It has been a while since I have been on here and really miss it!

So, is anyone going to Stitches East in East Harford, CT tommorow? I live in RI and I’m going in the morning.

So, if you are going how excited are you and what do you hope to buy?!!!

I am very excited and I’m not sure what I am going to buy! I know I am going to be buying roving, because I am learning to spin. I am taking a “Market Class” ( 1 hour mini class) at 11:30 on Continental knitting, because I haven’t been able to teach myself! I am also looking for a holder for double pointed needles that also holds your sock at the same time. I know someone has them, because I saw them before, but I can’t find a wooden one on the internet, although I did find one made out of some kind of hard paper.
I also want some more Knit Klips, because I love them and you can’t have too many!

Jen :knitting:

Have Fun! I’m not going this year, but I did go the past 2 yrs when in was in Baltimore, MD. I just went to the market.

Let us know how the class was, and also what goodies you actually buy!!

I had a great time! The class was great and now I finally know how to Continental knit, the teacher, Kelly, was great and it helped that we only had about 6 in the class.
I didn’t buy much! I bought a baby sweater pattern, a beautiful big ceramic button for my daughter’s shawl that I am making and some other buttons! I did not buy any yarn, which was a miracle, but I have so much at home it would have been crazy to buy any (plus the the ones I wanted were crazy expensive!).
It was nice, because it wasn’t crowded, but I like Rhinebeck much better. I think it is the out door atmosphere in NY that I love!
I did have a great time!

I went and had a great time. It was a last minute decision. I bought some roving, a couple of balls of Kauni Yarn some other kinds of sock yarn and knit on the Giant sock. It was a good move to go on Sundayl. All of the booths were still pretty well stocked but the crowds were very manageable.

Is this what you are looking for?

If so, you can get them at Woolworks in Putnam, CT. Jen also ships.

Is this a yearly thing? We are potentially moving to West Hartford next summer so it’s good for me to know these things :mrgreen:

It is going to be in Hartford again next year - Oct 28 -31, and I heard it might be there in 2011 too.