Stitches East Baltimore Nov. 6-9

Who’s going???

Me, me, me! I’m going to the Yarn Market on Saturday. Funds are low, but I’m still going; I’ve been looking forward to this since the last one and it’s the only knitting “gathering” I ever go to; I’m so (sniff) lonely.

I’ll be at Market ALL DAY Friday!! Yeah! Can’t wait!!!

I wish. This is the first I’ve heard about it.

This is the first that I’ve heard of it and I would love to go… but I can’t.

Thanks for sharing - I’ll keep my eyes out for next time.

I’m going to the market on Friday, at some point. Possibly saturday too.

and maybe sunday :shifty:

I had plans to go with a group of other people my age (20 somethings) on Saturday, just for the Yarn Market.


My laptop at home is slowly biting the dust and, this weekend, the wireless network card went kaput. :cry: So, it looks like I get to stay home this weekend and find things to sell on eBay to make some $$. sigh

Oh, and just FYI for everyone, this is the last year it is going to be in Baltimore. So, if you can swing it, you should go. Next year, it is in Connecticut. :frowning:

Last year in Baltimore!?! :pout: I was getting so spoiled - I guess it couldn’t last forever.

I had planned to go - I really wanted to take a fair isle class - but now I’m not so sure. Funds are a little low, so classes are definitely out … I was still thinking of going down for the day on Sunday (it IS my birthday, afterall:mrgreen: ), but we’ll see. It makes me sad - I so enjoyed going the last 2 years …

OH NOOOOOOOO! I didn’t know it was the last yeah in Baltimore! POOP!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :frowning: There’s a whole Ravelry group about Stitches East and several people have made mention of it, so I think that is fairly accurate.

Yes, I just joined it a few days ago, and after you mentioned it, I noticed it popping up over there, too. Oh well!

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I’m going todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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