Stitches Curling

Hi there everyone. I’m fairly new to knitting and am wondering what is causing my finished knit stitches to sort of curl around the needle at the beginning of a row (usually only the first one or two stitches do this) and I have to push them back to get them “in line” with the others. I hope this makes sense and someone has a solution… Thanks!

Are you knitting in stockinette stitch? If so, that always curls unless you put border stitches around it. (As in a few stitches in garter stitch at the end of each row and a few garter rows at the beginning and end of the project)

It might help to let everyone know what you are making and what kind of stitches you are using.

Just the sts on the needle curling around it? That can happen, they’ll stay in place once you have a few more rows done, don’t worry about it.

I’m making a scarf with basic knit stitch and size 17 needles. I probably have close to ten rows. I’ll go a few more and see if it still happens.

Okay, well if you are knitting every row, then you are doing a garter stitch so the stockinette theory is out! (smile)