"stitches as they lie"?

Hello -

I am really enjoying your site - a wealth of information!

I’m somewhat of a beginner knitter and have been using this site and a small book to learn. I’m making a cabled scarf, and my book has some patterns in it for beginners. I am working on some cables with a sort of chevron pattern: a repeating /\ pattern, one on top of the other - I seem to have no problem making other simpler cables but these are looking “iffy” - probably because I don’t know what to do on the WS rows. The charts in my book are easy enough to read - but the stitches that are represented have RS and WS specifications. For example, a given symbol may have “RS purl, WS knit” (meaning stockinette). But then it says underneath the whole chart “On WS, work all stitches as they lie”. Does this instruction override the WS specifications of the symbol definition - I am to purl the purl stitches etc. or does that sentence mean simply not to repeat the cable stitches…or what? Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense…I try!

Also, a very simple question. Is the cast on row counted as a row in and of itself? Or does it need a WS? I tried to search for these answers in the forums but didn’t find anything - sorry if these are repeats!

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I would read ‘as they lie’ as knit the knits and purl the purls as they face you.

I don’t count the cast on as a row, though some people do for stockinette. I just consider it a cast-on and follow it with row 1.