Stitches and How They Felt


How does ST felt? I know that in its’ natural state it curls, but is that the case after felting? I’m making a bag that I’ll have to sew slightly (bottom to sides and 2 ends together).


If you sew it before you felt it, the seaming takes care of the curling. Is that what you were asking?

Well- I wondered if it would curl any/curl worse if I felted it first, and if it did curl post-felt, would sewing it together fix it? I didn’t think about sewing considering the size will change and the stitches might make it all weird.

I haven’t made one, but I believe that if you sew it pre-felt with the same yarn you knit with, it will all felt together nicely. Come to think of it, it would probably turn out better in case the pieces didn’t felt equally. If it’s already seamed, the seams will hold its shape.

Exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!

I’m going to try my first felting project as soon as I finish the strap for my bag. Wish me luck!!!

Ingrid’s right ( as always)! :thumbsup:

Sew before you felt - definitely!!

Happy Knitting & Felting! :XX: :XX: