Stitch term help

I’m pretty good at cables but this one term I’m not familar with. If anybody can help me figure it out I would appreciate it.

Slip 1 with yarn in back, K1, yarn forward, K1, pass slipped stitch over 3 stitches just worked (K1, yarn forward, K1 group)

How to and what is “yarn forward”?

Thank you.

Yarn forward (yfwd aka yf) means to move the yarn between the needles to the front of the work. Be sure you don’t move it over and end up with a yarn over.

As it’s written out, you’ll end up with the yarn in front and that doesn’t seem correct when you are to k1.

You could probably post a link now, so if you can, please link to your pattern.

The ‘yarn forward’ here means the same as YO. So sl 1, k1, yo, k1, psso and you’ll get it right.

Okay, I would NOT have gotten that one. Since it specified “Sl 1 [B]with yarn in back[/B]”, I’d have guessed that the “yarn forward” would have meant to bring the yarn to the front between the needles (as if going from knit to purl). Boy would my face have been red…

Ah! But the clue was in the last instruction, wasn’t it?:
“pass slipped stitch over [B]3[/B] stitches just worked” In my translation, you’d only have [B]2[/B] stitches… and the second one would have been … very interesting (if it stayed together at all).

This pattern reading stuff is [I]complicated[/I].:??

Yeah, slip the st wyib isn’t really necessary to mention, it’s already in back from the previous knit st. Sometimes in trying to explain what they want, pattern writers may put in [I]too much[/I] detail which can be just as confusing.

Heh. Maybe they’re getting the wrong people to proof their patterns. Instead of Jedi Kninjas, they should get The Easily Confused to see if they can figure out what they’re supposed to do. Hmm… I sense a business opportunity here. “If [I]I[/I] can work your pattern out, [I]anyone[/I] can.”

Sometimes I crack myself up. :rofl: