Stitch/Row gauge

When I knit up a swatch to check gauge, I find I have a problem. My row gauge is ALWAYS off. When I have the correct number of stitches in 4", I have far fewer rows. For example, the gauge on a pattern I was knitting was 20sts/32 rows = 4" in stockinette. Well, my gauge was 20sts/27 rows to 4". This means I either have to adjust the pattern significantly or have pieces turn out much longer. Is there any way to change how I’m knitting to avoid this? :??


Most everyone’s row gauge is always off. Matching the gauge on the sts is most important as most patterns generally give the length in inches, not rows. Your pattern won’t be longer - if it says to knit for 8", you knit for 8" doesn’t matter how many rows it takes to get there.

I figured it was the probably the case that there isn’t much I can do about this problem, but it really is a problem when I knit color work or small, patterned items like mittens. The Tiffany mittens from Knitty that I made for my mum ended up going half way to the elbows :teehee:

Hmm, maybe I’ll stick to things that aren’t quite so rigidly structured.