Stitch question

I’m working on a blanket that is not cabled, but has some twisted stitches. There are two particular stitches I am confused about:

  1. Knit into back of second stitch, then knit first and second stitch together through back loops, slip both stitches from left hand needle together.

  2. K2Tog, but not drop sts from left hand needle, insert right hand needle between 2 sts just worked and knit first st again, slip both sts from left hand needle together.

Can anyone work this differently or give me more step by step instructions so I can understand these two stitches better? Thanks!

The first one is a Left twist, the other is a Right Twist and there’s videos at you tube for them. But if you just follow the directions step by step you’ll get them, it just takes some practice which you could do with some scrap yarn to get used to it.

I don’t like doing these as decs and knit the other stitch, they’re a lot more defined if you do them like a mini cable. For the R twist, knit into the the 2nd st from the front of the needle, then into the first stitch. The L twist is knit into the 2nd st from behind the needle, then into the first stitch.

I like the purlhunter videos for this because they’re so clear,right twist and left twist.