Stitch question

Could someone please tell me what M1k means. I looked at the increase videos and it’s not listed there. Thank you.

It’s a M1 done as a knit. So it is there.

Hi! :waving:

As you’ll see in the “increases” section, there are lots of ways to do a Make 1 increase.

The best and easiest I’ve found, one that leaves virtually no hole in the knitting is as follows…

Work up to the point where you need to make a stitch. Go into the next stitch one row below the one on the needle and pull up a loop (this is the increase stitch) then knit the stitch on the needle.

What you have then is two stitches made from one stitch, one below and one off the needle. It works great and as I said, leaves little to no hole in the work.

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :hug: