Stitch question

When a pattern says to not knit a stitch, do you just pass the loop over from left to right and then go onto the next stitch?

I’m working on a cup cozy. This is my first time using a chart. On the empty squares it says “No Stitch”.

Am I doing it correctly?

From what I understand you just ignore that box for now. Go to the next box and do that stitch.

Oh and I just found this and it says the same thing.

You ignore the block and just do the next action on the next st.

So it’s not a slipped stitch per se. You work that stitch according to what the chart says next? This chart has 3 no stitch squares in a row so I’d just go to the 4th box and do that stitch, which is a purl.

If they’re really `no stitch’ and not just k on rs/p on ws, then skip the blocks and go to whatever the 4th block is.

Yep, says no stitch.
When I think of the pattern and the increases, it does make sense.

thanks for the help!:slight_smile: