Stitch question

Does anyone know how to make this stitch? I saw this scarf that I want to copy (the pattern is simple enough). The stitch looks like some sort of variation on a stockinette stitch. This is the scarf:

Any suggestions?


I think it’s herringbone… anyone else??

It looks a lot like My So Called Scarf.

If it is herringbone, how do you make that stitch?

If I remember it correctly, the Herringbone st is made like this:

K2 tog through the back loop, drop 1st st off left needle and repeat, knitting 1 at the end (it was the 2nd st of the last k2tog). On the purl row, p2tog, drop 1st st from left needle, repeat, knit the last st. It makes a VERY dense fabric, so try it out with large needles at first.

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