Stitch # question

I’m working on my first knitting top and I’m following my own basic pattern. The width of the top is 18". Using my 100% organic cotton yarn, I get 5 stitches per inch. To start my top, I cast on 90 stitches (18"X5=90 stitches). Since I am knitting the top on circular needles/aka all-at-once, I don’t think I cast on the right number of stitches. Shouldn’t I have double the 18", giving me the full circumference of the top, meaning that I should have cast on 180 stitches?

180 sounds right to me!

Did the pattern tell you to cast on only 90?? :thinking: That would seem odd. You’re sure it’s not front and back seperately?

If you’re knitting it in the round, then you should measure the circumference you want it to be. Am I understanding that you’re not using a pattern?

So if you go with your gauge, you want it to be 36" around, so 180.

I didn’t realize that you were going by your own pattern, sorry. I agree with the others, 180sts sounds good.

Thank you all for your help - 180 does make sense, now that I think about it. I think I will need a longer circular needle though :shock:

What size circ are you working with? You’d be surprised how many stitches can fit!!

Yeah, I’ve got nearl 200 stitches on a 24" circ with a worsted weight yarn. Actually, it might be closer to a 30-something inch. But still - It’s a lot!