Stitch: PU: With right needle, pick-up B or C float knitwise and k tog with next st


Good day Folks!

Appreciate your insight into how to complete this stitch technique.

Rowan Chainlink Cushion Designed by Dayana Krawchuk
(pdf can be obtained with the following link:)

From Pattern:

Row 1 (WS): Using yarn B, P2, (Sl 5, P1) to last st, P1. Do not break yarn.

(I understand Row 1, but provide it for context for upcoming PU of the slipped stitches. I don’t believe this has anything to do with ‘knitting a stitch below’ or ‘floats’ from coloured knitting, but do assume I am meant to pick up the slipped stitch, place it knitwise on left needle then k tog with the stitch to the left of it on the left needle. Does that make sense to you?)

Row 4: Using yarn B,K1,Sl 3,(PU,Sl 5) to last 5 sts,**PU,**Sl 3,K1.
Row 8: Using yarn B, K1, (PU, Sl 5) to last 2 sts, PU, K1

Thank you in advance for your suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!


Thank you for considering my dilemma! I’ve figured it out, the float is placed on the right side in front of the slipped stitches then picked up a few rows later to create the bottom portion of a diamond.


PS: left this here rather than deleting in the event someone else searches for this info.