Stitch & pitch

I went to the Kansas City Royals Stitch & Pitch yesterday and had a blast. The best part was the Royals won!!:cheering: That has not happened much lately. The weather was perfect. The seats were a little wanting. They were right behind the foul line pole. We were able to move over a section so it was easier to see. There were alot of knitters and a couple of ladies doing needlepoint. The tote bags were nice. They had huge US 19 plastic needles and 2 small balls of fun yarn in them. Also the last winter issue of Cast One. I ended up with 4 totes. My hubby,son and his girlfriend could care less about knitting.All in all it was a good day.

sounds like fun! i don’t think we are going to be able to go to the stitch and pitch here (mariners) maybe next year…

okay noooooooo… they didn’t win…they SPANKED them! I haven’t loved a baseball game so much in a very long time! 17-5 was the score! I am a little crispy right now because i forgot to slather my chestular area with sunscreen but it is completely worth it for such a great game!

that sound’s like fun! i really enjoy the studio knitting store. in fact, i was there today and bought two balls of sock yarn i only went in for some needles; i just couldn’t help myself!

Sounds like a great time.


:inlove: Ahh, a nice green ballfield. Gorgeous!

Refresh my memory - who did the Royals play? I remember seeing the score and laughing that the Royals pounded someone that badly!

They pounded philiadelphia

Sounds like you had a great time. Did you knit a lot???

The Mets are doing a stich and pitch in August. I am trying to talk my DH into going with me.

:cheering: Glad you both had so much fun!

My SO got us tickets to see the Padres pound philly at a stitch 'n pitch next month. The Phillies shall develop a complex about knitters. Their new motto - “Fear the Knitters.”

Our tickets are in the uppermost section, which means that I’ll end up ignoring the game altogether and just people-watch while I knit.

I actually knit quite a bit at the beginning of the game but my needles were flying in the air a little too much when the hitting started to open up like that. Kansas City has never lost a game when I was in the park. I am thinking that means I need to start showing up for games a little more often…lol

Could be you’re their lucky charm. [SIZE=1]I was a fan years ago when Brett somebody was on their team.[/SIZE]

I live with a Red Sox FANatic. Whenever the Sox are down, he grabs us each a Haagen-dazs bar because he thinks they change their luck. :rofling:

I just printed a form to get tickets to the Stitch -n- Pitch in our area. Sounds like it was a fun time!

wasn’t there, but knitted as our pitcher (Detroit Tigers) threw a no-hitter.

The Padres have a stitch and pitch?!?! OH MY! I am new to San Diego and I thought about going to a game and that sounds like fun!! I never knew they had this at baseball games!

They do! Go here. Our tickets are in the nosebleed section. I asked my SO why he didn’t seek closer seats. He replied that he used my link, clicked through for tickets, and believed the seats he ended up with were the designated knitters’ seats.

I couldn’t decide whether to be PO’d that he didn’t try to get closer or touched by his willingness to sit with “the knitters.” The latter is my wiser choice.

That sounds like so much fun, but Indy doesn’t have a major league team. :cry: I s’pose I could drive my butt to Cleveland to catch a game.

Is anyone planning on going to the Tigers S’n’P on 9/9?

I am not but I DOOO plan on being in Kansas City that day when they play the Yankees!!!

Yeah that doesn’t help much but I am so freakin’ excited about it, I can’t wait! :happydance::happydance:

I hope you go. The KC Stitch n Pitch was a ton of fun. I didn’t know anybody there (besides the guy I brought with me) but it was GREAT! Helps that it was an awesome game too I suppose…lol

Hi everyone! I’m a new member and I’m not sure I know how to post correctly. I hope this works!

I’m going to the Astros Stich 'n Pitch game in August with a group from my LYS. We are excited, but we don’t know what to expect.

I would love to hear what you took to the game to knit. Were there any restrictions to what you could bring in with you? I know there will be a security line for bags and purses, and I don’t want to have to take something back to the car.


KC just wanded the bag and let me through. I would check the Astros website for restrictions on bag size. (though there were people at the game who had WAAAY bigger bags than mine, and i was afraid mine was borderline…lol) i took a scarf. Saw a lot of socks getting made. People were doing needlepoint too. When he stuck the wand in my bag to check it, he said “aaah i see we are doing some knitting today!” :wink: