Stitch pattern help

I am thinking of knitting a sock with a lace pattern across the top of the foot 30 stitches and was wondering if I use a stitch pattern of 12 stitches plus 1. I will have 5 stitches left over. If I knit 2 before I start my stitch pattern and 3 after will it change the stitch pattern? And would it center it across the the top of the foot?

Or you could increase or decrease by 1 st. You could adjust for it later as necessary.

I would have 5 stitches left over, and decreasing 5 stitches I would make the sock to tight

I think what GG is saying is decrease to 29sts so that two repeats of the pattern +1 will leave 4 extra sts. You can then divide them 2 per side and even off the lace pattern.

okay I understand that now. thanks you Salmonmac and GG