Stitch pattern for cardigan

So I am knitting a top down cardigan, have gotten past the sleeves and would like to pick a stitch pattern for the bottom of the sweater.
I have 175 stitches, and I can never figure out how to pick one. I don’t get the Multiple of so many stitches, plus so many stitches thing…HELP!!! PLEASE!!!:knitting:

In a pattern with a multiple of 8 sts plus one would be something like 17 or 25 or 33 - 8 times (x) plus 1 stitch. Your 175 would fit a multiple of 5 but another pattern would also fit. If you have knit buttonbands or fronts, say 4 sts on each side are in garter stitch, then you would take of 8 sts from your 175 and that leaves you with 167 sts. There’s a lot of stitch patterns at the Knitting Fool sitesorted by number of sts, you can look for something that will work for your numbers. You can also discreetly dec or inc a couple sts at the underarm to make a stitch pattern work.

Do you have all 175 stitches to work in pattern or like Sue said are some of these stitches needed for bands? What kind of stitch do you have in mind? Cables, something lacy or something with just a pattern created by changing from knits to purls? Are you wanting something that is worked over only a few rows for the pattern repeat, or something a little more complex?

I have all 175 stitches to use for the pattern. The bands are knit on later.
Looking for something easy, lacy, NO CABLES.

Something a little more complex is good, I just can’t seem to decide what to do. I am looking through “A treasury Of Knitting Patterns” and “A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns”, looking for insperation.
I’m using a cotton yarn. Thanks for the input!:knitting:

Then look through the Knitting Fool site; it’s compiled from the BW Treasuries. You can specify lace, I think.