Stitch pattern doesn't mention turning chains

I’ve learned enough about crochet in the last month or so to know that turning chains are very important! So WHY does this stitch pattern not mention any??

Rows 1-3: Hdc across
Row 4: 3dc, *ch1, skip 1st, 1dc in next 3sts; repeat from *
Row 5: Hdc in 3sts, *ch1, skip next ch1 space, hdc in next st, Bobble Stitch in next st, hdc in next st, ch1 hdc in 3sts, ch1 skip ch, hdc in 3sts; repeat from *
Row 6: Repeat row 4

So I [I]have[/I] been doing turning chains even though the pattern doesn’t state to, just wanted to make sure I’ve been doing it correctly.

If a row is made up of hdc’s, I’m doing a turning chain of 2 and if a row is made up of dc’s, I’m doing a turning chain of 3.

Am I right?

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]:shrug: Probably because, just like with knitting, somethings are “understood” by crocheters. Of course, the beginning crocheter doesn’t necessarily know those things… But after time you will.

It’s kinda like everyone “knows” that unless stated otherwise you slip sts purlwise.


Turning chains are very important but don’t assume anything. You may have to add the turning chain but most patterns I have encountered tell you to chain whatever the number needed is and turn. I just worked a pattern where there were no turning chains and you still turned your work. Where is the pattern located? I will take a look at it and let you know. The original pattern is the source for looking at and answering questions.