Stitch pattern dictionaries?

I have been buying all the knitting book that I thought would be of help to me ,a friend suggested I buy a stitch pattern dictionary. Has anyone ever seen one? Is there a differences from all the normal knitting books that show the basic how to’s???


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I have a Vogue book and it has some stitches, but there are many many more.

There are quite a few stitch dictionaries out there, and if you do a search on the forum, you’ll also find topics that cover them. But to answer your question, there are many, my personal favorite is the Harmony series.

Ditto, Rorshach! I like the Harmony guides!

A stitch pattern dictionary is a book of stitch patterns such as you would need if you wanted to design your own garments. For instance you could take a basic sweater pattern and use a lace stitch or a textured stitch, cables, etc. that you pick yourself.

Stitch pattern dictionaries sometimes contain some how-to information but they are usually not the best source for that type of information.

The absolute best stitch pattern dictionaries in my opinion are the ones by Barbara Walker called Treasury of Knitting Patterns, vol. 1 & 2. They are not inexpensive but they are by far the most extensive.

The Harmony Guides are a reasonably priced alternative if the Walker books are either too expensive or too advanced for your needs.

Most of the knit designer websites I lurk mention the Barbara Walker series, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th sets. Amazon sells them

The Mon Tricot collections of 800 or 1500 stitches etc. are quite old and in B&W but if you can use your imagination a teeny bit they are great value.

There’s also a website with many stitch patterns-

The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns is a really great book to have. There are tons and tons of patterns in there, classic stitches, oodles of cable stitches, creative stitches… there are even some pretty edge stitches. There are 288 pages, and most pages have 2 patterns, so that is over 500 stitches to choose from. Whenever I am looking for something different, first I go to the web, but usually end up with that book for my inspiration. I think it is a great book to have! If you don’t want to buy it though, has stitches from the book for free.

Thanks for sharing about that website! Just what I was looking for…I’m hoping there will be some stitch patterns simple enough yet different for a beginner like me…- after I figured out HOW To purl, I’ve been tinkering…So far, I’m literally wild about the Stockinette stitch and Moss stitch…

I’m almost certain that what I’ve got on my hooks is going to end up as a scarf…and most likely, will be a birthday gift for my Mom…( I just hope she’s really NOT as hard on white as she says she is!!!- but, the upside is that the yarn I’m using is acrylic worsted, so she can toss it in the wash when she goes to do laundry…) - I just started in and tinkered…it wasn’t like I intended for it to BE a scarf…rather- just wanted to see if the idea I had worked…and it just sort of morphed INTO a scarf! LOL…


what about the vogue series? Does anyone have or like those? I have the Big Book, but I’ve been tempted by those vogue books…