Stitch pattern catalog

I didn’t know if anybody had seen this site–they have TONS of stitch patterns, and some with pictures. Might be useful to some out there!

It is great, there’s a few more out there too…
Knitting Stitches Pattern Link Directory
Lion Stitch Finder
Knitting Stitch Patterns

And another that shows some of Barbara Walker’s stitches knit up, which is sorted by type - reversible, ribs, cables, etc. The Walker Treasury Project

:cheering:Wow–these are GREAT! Thanks Sue!!!

Ingrid once directed me there… :thumbsup:

I use it all the time :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I’ve been collecting them.

Thanks guys, more for my:cheering: favorites

Thank you!

This will be so helpful with my chuppah designing!

I have some stitches already picked out but this means I won’t be buying yet another stitch dictionary right now!

This was such perfect timing.

I love this website and forum.

Ohhhh! Thank you so much everyone for posting links! I’ve got a few ideas for Xmas gifts now! :cheering: