Stitch Pattern after decrease question

I have a question about maintaining a stitch pattern after a decrease. The original pattern starts and ends each row with K1, then has a repeating series in the middle that includes a slip stitch. Once I decrease the number of stitches for the armholes, it says to maintain the stitch pattern. Do I continue to begin and end each row with K1 or just begin or end with whatever stitch keeps the continuity of the pattern, even if it’s a slip stitch? Hope this question makes sense - first-time poster, fairly new knitter…thanks!

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
Begin and end the row with the stitches that will maintain the pattern. You want the pattern stitches to continue on the front or back even though you’re binding off for armholes or neck shaping. You can start with the slip stitch if that maintains the pattern or you might substitute a knit or purl stitch since this will be the armhole edge and may be seamed with the sleeve. The knit or purl will give you a better edge for the seam.

Thanks. I did the back piece beginning rows with the slip stitch where it maintained the pattern - sounds as though it probably would have been better to substitute a knit stitch since it will be the armhole edge. Maybe I’ll try it that way on the front. Much appreciate your help - this site is a wonderful resource! Will probably be back once I tackle the sleeves!