Stitch not knitted?

I’m knitting my first scarf and using only a knit stitch. I made a mistake and was taking out a row (by tinking). However, I have a stitch that my grandma says hasn’t been knitted. It’s not a dropped stitch. (At least that what she said & I agree; it doesn’t look like a dropped stitch.) There’s no knot on the stitch (at the bottom - close to the needle). How can I fix this? If there’s a video somewhere around, that’d be great. If you need a photo, I can post that as well.

When you have a stitch not knitted, but it’s not dropped it’s most likely a slipped stitch.

Go to the videos and select “tips”. There’s a section on fixing mistakes. It doesn’t specifically say slipped stitches because those are sometimes intentional and not mistakes, but it does show you how to pick up a stitch you dropped which works the same way when fixing.

Thanks so much!! I’m on my way there now. Thanks again!