Stitch Nation yarn (Joann is having a sale!)

I decided that I had to try this yarn (the new kind at Joann) so despite my New Years’ resolution not to buy any yarn until my stash goes down, I ordered some. :wink: I have a specific pattern that I want to use it for, so that’s my excuse. My local Joann doesn’t have the new yarn, so I’m going out on a limb. I ordered the wool/bamboo blend.

Note that all the yarn on the Joann site is on sale now. What could I do? They also have $5 flat rate shipping through Saturday (promo code ELD30).

So much yarn, so little time…

Oh you enabler you! But thanks for the push! Everyone loves a yarn sale!

Unfortunately I will have to pass on this one. The pre, during, and after Christmas sales and coupons were enough. Living near Joann’s, two yarn shops and having internet access has shot my budget and my New Year’s resolutions have already been broken!

I found out that we still have a JoAnn’s here in town! It’s down the street from where it was in a slightly better shopping center. I’m headed there in a few hours (oh, thank you sweet mutt for waking me up at 3 AM to I could scratch your ears). I need a thimble for my thumb that I’ve rubbed raw with this new yarn.