Stitch Nation yarn and two ended knitting

I just bought some of the new Stitch Nation yarn sold only at Joann’s. Not a bad yarn for the price. Three types, one 100% wool, a wool/bamboo blend and an alpaca/wool blend. They are heavy worsted weight in 85g balls. I bought two in peacock blue and wasn’ t too happy with the color choices. However a look at the website showed more choices. I started a pair of mitts in twined knitting. Has anyone tried this? I made a pair of half mitts last winter and have thought about a sweater but the constant untwisting of the yarn tries my patience in a small project. Even a Norwegian knitting thimble didn’t help much. I love the results though. Highly recommend this yarn so far. I got the alpaca blend.

Wind the two skeins of yarn together in one large ball and it eliminates the issue of stopping to untwist the yarn.

:open_mouth: I saw that online, but they didn’t have it at the store.Is this an online only thing?

With the pinup girl on the label, it’s like they’re advertising right at me T_T Anyways,I like the colors :slight_smile: I don’t think I own much that isn’t either black or a completely saturated color.

No, the Stitch Nation yarn is sold in the stores as well as Joann’s online site. I bought it here in the store. Strangely, the color I bought is not even on the Stitch Nation website. A clerk at the store told me once that they don’t order; the main office just sends them what they want. I just finished one mitt and I like the yarn. It would be good for socks. Made in Peru.
So far as the two end knitting goes - First time I did a Larus and Ardea half mitt pattern from and used two separate balls. This time I am using one and using yarn from inside ball. Still lots of twisting and I need to stop at the end of every row, or more often, to untwist. probably not much I can do about it.
No, I don’t work for JoAnn’s - I do buy certain yarns there a lot though as they have good sales and a weekly 40% off coupon. I also like Patternworks, knitpicks,etc.

Not all stores will carry it, I think there’s a list somewhere, and those that are don’t all have it yet.

eta- found the store finder search

Thanks for the store finder!

The closest one is 16.5 miles away.It’s in one of those huge Joann’s too.

We used to have a JoAnn’s here, but they closed. Two people have told me they are still open, however, the storefront had obviously been vacant for some time. The last time I had gone there was to find some fabric for a Halloween costume.

I wore my Alpaca Love mitts today at minus 10 and they were very warm! Am now almost done with one sock in that yarn and can’t wait to wear them. They are so soft.

I feel your pain!

I bought this yarn at Joann’s! What aggravation!!! Talk about a lesson in patience! I finished the capelet for a little girl at our church…and tried to tie my tongue down as I messed with this yarn for 4 entire skeins! So the nice “showy” part of each strand was wrapped around a hideous black snake!

Who knew this beautiful looking skein would be so hideous to work with!

Thanks for the info on this yarn. Haven’t been tempted to try it. JoAnn’s has a lot of yarns I don’t like but a few quality ones like Patons Classic Wool Merino and now the Stitch Nation. Just finished the Alpaca Love socks and mittens. They were easy to knit and I think will wear well. Guess you just have to experiment.