Stitch N Pitch

My husband (a huge baseball fan) sent me this link. Pretty cool idea!

Any MD/DC/NoVA knitters want to meet at the May 14th Nationals game? :slight_smile:

Whoop!! :cheering: :cheering:

I would love and adore to make it down to the Braves event on July 15. I never thought I’d see these two brought together!! :guyknitting:

BTW, I’m a Braves nut! :happydance:

I’m a Braves nut, too! Wish I still lived in Georgia. . . :crying:

Hmmm, I might go over to GA for that.

Ahhhhh! I see the Astros in there! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Im already going to see my Astros play in Dallas on my birthday…it might be a really hard seel to get to go to Houston for this one… :pout:

where are the red sox?

Funny, it was my question where the Red Sox are…I am going to the home opener however!!!

I know! I was so upset to not see them listed!! That is great you are going to the opener. I love me some Red Sox! :heart: We have tickets for July and I am hoping to bring my son for his first game!

I wonder if there are any knitting patterns for the Red Sox? I have seen guides to be able to make your own charts so maybe I will try that! My boyfriend would love anything Red Sox. It’s so nice to see other Red Sox fans on here.

I hope you enjoy the game and so does your son, you have to start them early on the Sox!

thanks! i just signed up…(mariner fan here…) :mrgreen:

Robyn I’d be interested in meeting up for it. Sounds like fun.

just signed up for the newsletter; maybe I can convince my husband we need to go to Atlanta that weekend.

What? :shrug: No Cubbies?? :crying: Here you’d think…

But that’s alright, I can just pretend to be a Dodgers or Padres fan right? :teehee: Being that I am living in Southern CA.

This is great info, thanks!

edit—no real info on the teams sites. that could be a bad thing. have to try and find where the tables are in the park! :wacko: knowing me, i’d enter at the wrong side & they’d all be gone :doh:

The Dbacks did this last year but I couldn’t go as we were out of town. Everyone got a freebie bag that contained yarn, needles, patterns, magazines and coupons. It sounded so cool!! The Stitch&Pitch website gives a date for this year (May6) but it doesn’t show up as a promotional item on the MLB Dback website – so I’m hesitant to buy tickets yet…

Hmmm… no Yankees either. :shrug:

When I first saw the subject of this post, I thought you knit something you didn’t like and decided to pitch it. :roflhard:

I think the more popular teams are not participating. The Sox games have been sold out for years, they don’t really do things like this because they don’t have to I guess. Sort of disappointing however.

I’ve checked most of the MLB sites which are working with this, none of them seem to be listed. In fact, some of the teams actually have other promotions going at the same time.

I think though that this is accurate. I’ve never gone, but it might be something that it just done as a “bonus” inside the park?? Something they sponsor, but not really promote on their sites? :shrug:

I’m going to try and see if I can get tickets for either the Dodgers or Padres game, or find someone who’s going and see if they can just let me have their bag! :teehee:

The news showed the knitters last year at, I believe, the Braves game. I don’t remember that 100% but I believe it was.

I would consider heading down to KC. I haven’t been to a Royals game in so long. :heart:

WHAT? No Yankees? What kind of a site is that?!

At least they sensibly left off that team from Boston. :teehee:

I wish I could make it to the Atlanta game, but I don’t think I could handle the summer heat that time of year! OMG!!!