Stitch Markers

Does anyone have any good places to get some fun, unique stitch markers? I’ve seen the few offered at Michael’s, but was hoping for something more interesting. I’d prefer to find ones that opened like safety pins just so I could take them on and off whenever I needed to, but I don’t know if that’s a deal breaker or not.

Where did you get your favorite stitch markers from?

etsy…i have several differnt sets and types I ordered off there. Just do a search for stitch markers and you’ll see tons of different ones

Did you ever see the Custom Stitch Markers post? It was an awesome topic about making your own stitch markers with beads and stuff. You could probably make your own if you’re inclined to try.

you girls are really using the stitch markers as a decorative object, aren’t you?
I have German ones that you can hook into the stitch (very practical for row marking) and just messed up a pattern (pulled it out) because they were supposed to be between the stitches, not IN them… Well anyways: I am back to using left over string: loops tied in different colors (cotton that does not leave fuzz!) and just work them off.

So my question is: is there another advantage to “real” stitch markers than just the look? if so, please make me smarter!

gasp How could you ask such a question? Is there an advantage to stitch markers. Last night a stitch marker saved my life. Stitch markers lift you up where you belong. All you need is stitch markers.

Oh wait…is there an advantage to “real” stitch markers. No…No not really. A paperclip is just as good as a little plastic donut. And I prefer the ones that are openable so I can take them out if need be.

didn’t want you to faint! sorry.
well, yes, that is what I meant… is there a reason for (buying / making fancy) stitch markers.
I do know that there is a reason for marking stitches: YES!
as I said: a different system of stitch markers was meant by my pattern and now I had to rip out 1/3 or my pullover. knifty design, knit in the round, great look, wonderful decrease and increase lines… if you just use the right TYPE of stitch markers
I had mine hooked in a stitch like I almost always do. then decreased behind the stitch marker, so behind the stitch that was marked.
the pattern wanted me to have a marker on the needle (but did not say a word about that, unfortunately!) and therefore my decreases did not line up but “wander off”. (The sublime Thai Top that must have been in “The Knitter”, Britain April 09, and was in the new German issue of The Knitter in spring 2010. GREAT piece.

so: I do accept stitch markers. I do require, though, that you use the right type. What they look like was less my concer up to now… but I might be near… near… near a bead shop on Friday… maybee… well, you know… since I CAN make some… why not?

Just as a rule of thumb. When you read a pattern and it says to place a marker, it is standard that it means to place the marker on the needle and not the stitch. It means to place the marker between the stitch you just knit and the stitch you are about to knit. Then you just move the marker from one needle to the other when you come to it.

The pattern probably didn’t indicate anything since placeing it between is the universal standard for placing markers.

if the pattern was written in English, I would have probably concidered it. German markers [B]I [/B]have come across were all placed in the stitch, so I assumed the same here.
I should have thought… it is a translation of a British pattern for a German magazine. Probably nobody thought of this when translating. A simple indicator / hint would have been enough.

Well the text sounded a bit odd, just a bit. But not enough to make my “after-work-knitting-in-coma-brain” realize quite at the right point… you know?
well, it threw me back in the project. But knitting is the goal, not filling my closet. So it was fun, relaxing, an almost no-brain-efford-thing (knit only, since it is worked in the round) and it was not SO bad. I had a two ball project for a hat, this winter. No pattern, just ideas. and after 3 complete remakes I was finally happy enough to not reknit it again. But just enough, not really happy. (OT, totally, I know)

for English language patterns or translates of such I will remember your words forever!

I often use earrings that have lost their mate (you can use the kind that are just a hook, or the kind that is a wire that clips). Then I can still enjoy the earring without wearing it. :slight_smile: But then, I’m kinda goofy like that…I blame on my curly hair…Mom says my curls are too tight! Heh heh!

I’m too cheap to buy markers, I use left over yarn to make loops. When I’m knitting a pattern where I need to use quite a few, it uses up all of my yarn ends.

Amy, i’ve done the same thing! am always losing just one earring, or now that i have trouble fastening some of them, just wear the same ones all the time and use the others for stitch markers! linknit41

I don’t know why I never thought of Etsy! :doh: And I have considered making my own but I’m terrified of slipping back into collecting beads that I don’t need… Oh btw, the earring idea is genius! I’m definitely going to keep that one in mind. Thanks everyone!

I think, like so many other things in knitting, that it’s a personal preference. For myself, I would rather be knitting than tying little pieces of yarn into loops all the time…a few minutes and a couple of dollars at Michael’s or thrown into my Knitpicks order, and I’m good to go for many projects, with a neat little “case” to keep them all in as well.

But if you didn’t mind tying the little loops, I can’t think of any reason you’d need “real” ones.

I haven’t come to the point of wanting to buy the more expensive, really pretty ones yet, though I did make a set for my daughter for Christmas one year. It’s not that hard.

I was fine. I really was. But I DID go to the bead shop. I DID make some markers. I use them. I am very happy. Good tip, everybody!
I do not say I will never use my loops anymore (they are really pracitcal when you mark stitches further down. And they are light, can not break, cost nothing when they get lost… ) but the heavy ones are nice for the project I am working on.