Stitch markers?

Hey everyone. I feel funny asking 2 questions in the same day.

Well I’ve started making myself a pair of fingerless gloves and I have some stitch markers on. The pattern says “slip marker” Does that mean take it off?:oops:

Oh, goodness… :hug: don’t hesitate to ask… there is a wealth of knowledge on here! (speaking of others more experienced than myself).

When it says slip marker, it just means move it from your left needle to your right needle, then continue on. So you’re just transferring it over. HTH.

Thanks so much. I wasn’t sure if that’s what it meant or if it meant take the stitch marker out. Thanks alot! That really helped.:hug:

Patterns say `remove marker’ if they want you to take it out completely.

Don’t feel too funny… I asked like four yesterday LOL