Stitch markers

I don’t have any stitch markers and the nearest craft store is at least 30 minutes away… Is there anything I can use from around the house/office for stitch markers? I am a new knitter here and I am not even sure what they look like!

While the pre-made or crafted stitch markers are nice to have – they’re pretty and are easy to find in your work – you can use almost anything for a stitch marker. Just make sure it fits over your needle and slides along easily without falling off. I usually just take a piece of contrasting yarn and tie it into a loop. That works just fine. But I’ve known other knitters who’ve used the plastic clips from bread bags or the wire ties from garbage bags. That should give you some alternatives until you can get to your craft store!

markers, I’ve seen them basically anywhere that they sell knitting needles.



I’m a 3rd opinion for the loop of contrasting yarn - if for no other reason than when it falls on the floor and one of the dogs grabs it before I do I really don’t have to worry if I never see it again.

I’ve used paperclips, they can be clipped onto the actual knitting like those split ring stitch markers if you need that.

You can also use your contrasting strip of yarn as a marker that you “weave” between the rows as your work progresses. In other words, put it at right angles to your work where you want to work. Work a few rows/rounds, ignoring the yarn half sticking out on either side of your work.

Now take the inside end of the contrasting yarn - and, between the same stitches, place it on the outside of your work. Now you have the yarn’s butt and head ends both facing the right side of your work. Work a few more rows.

Keep doing this every few rows. The contrasting color catches your eye and serves as a great marker. And the weaving one end in-and-out, right side to wrong side back to right side, anchors the yarn strand, making it less likely to fall on the floor and get eaten by cats. Or mice. Or vacuum cleaners. Or whatever.


I usually use a loop of another colour yarn. There always seems to be plenty of it hanging around. Anything that will fit around your needle will work.

Depending on the needle size you are using, I’ve used a plastic straw – just cut off a ‘slice’ to use…very easy. I saw it on Knitty Gritty once.

I’m now addicted to making my own stitch Markers with Beads… they are much prettier than the plastic ones you get at the store.

Hiya Texas,
I’ve used everything from a loop of waste yarn (different color of course) to paperclips and twist ties. Basically anything that’ll fit around the needle and not interfere with knitting.:thumbsup:

I little piece of yarn works well.
I’ve got too many stitch markers…just the simple little plastic circles. But if you’d like, I can send you some.
PM your address, and I’ll get them in the mail today or tomorrow.

I’ve often wondered about stitch markers myself. Some great tips.

Got a Beauty Supply shop around? I buy bags of those really tiny rubber-bands than are used in braiding. You get upwards of 200 multi-color rubber-bands for about .99 cents. Perfect AND cheap!

Hey, Texas

I am curerntly working on Nicholas’s Fingerless Gloves, which require markers. I bought a bag at the craft store but my 3 year old promptly lost it.

All you really need is something that will slip over your needles. I do a lot of other crafts and I found a bundle of those miniature flowers that you see in the floral section. I used them 2 Halloween’s ago for my eldest daughter’s crown. She was a fairy. I got a screwdriver, that was a bit thicker then my needles, wrapped them around and VOILA, a pair of markers!

Hope that helps and gives you some ideas.

i use kids’ rings.

Our Walmarts have them.
They only have one size of DPN but plenty of sizes and types of stitch markers.

That is bloody brilliant!!!

I have used my small hoop earrings in a pinch - what you need is anything that is a loop and can sit on your needle without getting in the way too much. David Reidy of Sticks and String podcast describes how he makes his from tiger tail instead of wire findings or tying a knot in some wool, text on the website I believe.