Stitch markers

i’m using stitch markers kind of for the first time. and i’m using them while knitting in a round to mark the begining of the next round… i’ve never used them before 1. cause i didn’t have any 2. cause they are confusing to me and didn’t have anyone on hand to show me how they work… so i am winging it.
with that said i’m knitting 30 rows and need to know where i am… so do i slip the stitch marker on the needle and every time it comes around i just slip it from the left needle back onto the right or is it supposed to stay somewhere?

Your marker only marks off the stitches that are on your needle, not the rows. Just slip it from one to the other needle. The stitch after the marker is the start of your next row. Or if you are doing a pattern where you have to change something every 10 stitches, you could have a marker on your needle every 10 stitches to remind you.

Yep. I’d recommend a row counter if you need a boost w/ keeping track of your rows. Here are few designs for row counters, but there are more creatives on out there too.

As far as stitch markers, I have only ever (so far) used knotted loops of contrasting scrap yarn. I do not own any actual stitch markers that I have purchased, and the scrap yarn works just as well!

i have a row counter! i’m using that too.
i was using the yarn but some how it wouldn’t show up on the next row.

Yeah, you have to slip the marker from one needle to the next every time you come to it. I didn’t get that for a long time till I asked the same question.