Stitch markers

hey knitters! I’m a newer knitter and taking on a felted purse ( stumbling thru) however my ? is what is proper placement of the stitch markers? on the needle or the stitch itself? and I am decreasing every 10 rows and it says k2tog before and after sm so the stich that is actually marked is just a single knit? or do I even count it? I am 30+ rows into this 90 total and have the sm on the stitch and keep passing it up and having to go back for the decrease… thank u in advance

The marker goes on the needle. It doesn’t mark a particular stitch, but rather marks between stitches, the way a bookmark marks between pages.

You’ll work to 2 stitches before the marker, k those 2 together, slip the marker, and knit the next 2 together. When you’re on a non-decrease row, just slip the marker from one needle to the other.